Get Ready For Your Quest

Ok.  Let’s get down to business.  Quest Depot automates every proven success and productivity principle once you embark on a quest so you reap the maximum benefits and skip over common pitfalls like procrastination, negativity, laziness.  But ultimately, you are the adventurer who steers your quest.  Please set your browser’s homepage to Quest Depot so you won’t be tempted to fall off track.

On your dashboard, there are three hills representing your quests.  To ensure the highest passing rate, no more than three quests are allowed at a time.  (There’s a long list of scientific evidence backing up this design. You can read up on goal attainment in the Learn section of our website.)  Once you complete a quest, another one may be added immediately.

Seeing your progress on each quest will give you surprising satisfaction and propel you into action.  Sometimes, the journey on the quest is enjoyable in its own right, and with each triumphant quest completed, you’re boosting your self esteem in a solid, long-lasting way.

When you pursue your dreams and ambitions in Quest Depot, non-personal details of your quests along with their grand plans are published to curaFUN’s community so adventurers can view and vote on each other’s quests, as well as exchange tips from experience guides.

No matter what you choose or how many goals you have, you can reach them one by one with dedication and Quest Depot’s built-in tools. The alternatives–having no control over your life, endless disappointments in yourself over failed goals–is a recipe for pain and suffering.

Throughout ages, knights and adventurers have different strengths, backgrounds, and traits, but successful quests all have the same qualities.  Business coaches and teachers have summed them up very well with an acronym, so we won’t re-invent the wheel. Please keep them in mind as you plan your quests.  

  • Specific – What exactly is the quest?  Your quest plan should be so clear, detailed and specific that somebody else could almost take over your quest. 
  • Measurable – You need to be able to track your progress throughout the quest.  What does success look like? Measurability is an important requirement for quantifying your progress.  You want to be able to see whether or not the action you’ve chosen in your Grand Plan works.
  • Actionable – Are there specific things you can do to get to your final destination?  Do you have the necessary skills and resources? 
  • Relevant and Realistic – You’ve gotta care about the quest.  How does the end result matter to you?  Why do you want it? Also, make sure your plan for completing the quest is realistic.
  • Time-bound – There must be a sense of urgency.  Otherwise, you’ll put it off.  Your quests must have a deadline.  Based on our performance science research, we’ve narrowed the deadline options for your quests to be 21 to 90 days in length. 

Knowledge is power! We have additional resources on goal-setting here. 

People with goals succeed because they know where they are going. It’s as simple as that.

Earl Nightingale

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