Interactive Programs And Assessments For Children's Social Emotional Growth

curaFUN’s StrengthBuilders provide unlimited access to a comprehensive collection of effective programs which evaluate, improve, support and roadmap the social emotional skills, performance and behavioral readiness of children ages 5-15. These multi-disciplinary programs give your child the expert guidance from a team of a child psychologist, performance coach, speech therapist, behavior therapist and school counselor.

Which topics are covered in the training?


We cover topics including active listening, perspective taking, word choices, body language, negotiation styles that children usually have to wait until college to learn.


Lessons in this category help your child in conflict resolution and become a leader from an early age. Developing the cooperation strength also help children make, keep friends friends, and start preparing for leadership roles.


Empathy is foundational to conflict resolution, leadership and emotional wellbeing. It doesn’t just help people get along, but also enhances happiness and reduce stress. Perspective taking is frequently practiced throughout all programs, and aides problem solving greatly.


Growing numbers of expert say resilience is the #1 key to success. We don’t just “lecture” about resilience. In our programs, children learn by doing–overcoming, problem-solving tough situations like bullying, peer pressure, unexpected changes, test anxiety, rejection, etc.


Self-disciplined children control their impulses, considering possible consequences and goals before they act. Our programs purposely challenge children in areas they most need work. Children will face positive role models as well as learn to resist temptations.


The more confident children are, the more likely they are to try new things, stand firm against peer pressure, feel proud of who they are, and really give their best shot at everything they do. Components of growth mindset like positive thinking are taught, practiced and reinforced.

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Common behavioral disorders in children

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All of curaFUN’s StrengthBuilder are professionally designed and validated to assess and build resilience and cooperation as well as other key strengths such as communication, confidence, self discipline and empathy. Remind your child that this game is all about practicing and learning. We don't often get anything right on the first try, but if we keep practicing, ... Read More
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